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Move is a brain simple puzzle game, in which all the pieces move TOGETHER!
The pieces always move unless they are BLOCKED. Your job is to move all of them onto the colored SQUARES. 

Play through hundreds of free levels. Gameplay ranges from simple and laid back, to super challenging. 
Are you ready for some serious brain shifiting?

*** Game Features ***
> Hundreds of free levels!
> 3 different board sizes, 
> Strive for 3 stars by using the fewest, most efficient moves
> Beautiful minimalistic design.

Lets Move!

f4b22810-7760-43da-985e-fe91d65b7f08You see how the developer describes their game, and to be honestly they are pretty spot on.  I learned how to play this game in 5 seconds and played for almost an hour after that.

If you have been looking for a game just to play here and there in your free time, and does not take constant check ups, then this is the game.  I highly recommend this game to anyone of any age.

Just as every other game I write about Click HERE for a direct link.  I will also put the official intro  video for the game below.

Note for Developers: I would like to see a multi-player mode in the future.


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