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Another device scoop from Nokiapoweruser!

After some more investigation on the already famous Indian Zauba import/export site, two more variants of the new low end Lumia, RM-976 and RM-978, where found. As the price is the same as the RM-977 it would seem this is a device with the same specs. Also interesting to see is the fact the the RM-978 is a dual-sim as we allready found a dual-sim variant of the RM-977.


So what are these for devices? Most of the time such a range is meant for coding the same device for different places in the world (f.e. for the 920 the codes RM-822, RM820 & RM-821 stand for China, the US and rest of the world).

But why would they be sent to India for testing? Is there a secret test facility with all worldwide available mobile bands in India? We could need some hints here…

PS: if you copy this information please give us a source link back.

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