This is crazy!! More leaks flowing from RDA tool. Some of them sound more authentic, some seem handiwork of some “mischievous souls” after the Lumia 910 leak from RDA tool.

Nokia 510 and Nokia Belle 805 seems to be more on authentic side while Lumia 920, 950 and 1001 can be authentic or might be just work of rumormongers as well. But if true Lumia 920, 950 and 1001 can be upcoming WP8 devices. Nokia 510 may be the cheapest windows phone device, which may be key for Nokia for competing against cheap Android devices. Well most interesting is Nokia Belle 805 🙂 Would love to see couple of more Symbian devices coming.

So advise you take this all with a pinch of salt 🙂

Check the screenshots, which were sent by one of our unnamed source.

Lumia 950:

Lumia 920 and 1001:



Nokia 510:

Nokia Belle 805 and Lumia 950: