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Some more shootouts for Lumia 1020. It has been pitted against whole lot of camera smartphones including all major competitor flagships and even two from Nokia themselves, mighty 808 and 6-lenser Lumia 925. Above is one the comparison photo done by CNET. Lumia 1020 is on extreme left followed by iPhone 5 and SGS4 to the extreme right. See, the amount of details Lumia 1020 captures.

Even GDNet has posted comparison images between Lumia 1020, SGS4, IPhone 5, Lumia 925, 808 and HTC One. The reviewer “Mathew Miller” is impressed with Lumia 1020 and says it has improved high dynamic range over 808 PureView, something which we also recognized in our unscientific test.

I think it is pretty clear that the Nokia Lumia 1020 confirms its place as the best camera and I was impressed by the improvements I saw over the 808 PureView (better low light/shadow performance, in particular).

CNET   ZDnet

Apart from this, worth having a look is a certainly impressive image gallery captured with Lumia 1020 enthusiastically by Pocket-lint. They have tried to explore Lumia 1020’s imaging potential deeper and taken it for quite a tour around NY. Below is one of the samples.



One more low-light gallery from Forbes as well.


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