More details come out for Lumia 822 aka Nokia Atlas bound for “Verizon”with new leaked images of the switched on device. The device has 16 GB in-built storage and also have a microSD card slot. It does feature wireless charging, but the shell is not removable or replaceable. The best part is the retail price, which is tipped to be only $49.99 :).

Some more info about the Lumia 822,

  • As expected the default Maps on Lumia 822 is Nokia Maps.

  • Nokia Drive can download over 55 voices, including “surfer dude”.

  • Documents can be shared via Bluetooth, tap2send, or outlook, and photos via tap2send, Bluetooth, messaging, outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, OneNote and twitter.

  • When application are tapped and held, besides pinning to the start screen one can also now pin to Kids Corner.

  • Windows Phone 7 apps work flawlessly.

  • When connected to a Windows 7 PC the device is not recognized, and is not mounted as a removable drive. Zune also does not recognize it.

  • Voice dictation in email works very well, but there is no obvious way to send an email completely hands-free.

So, what do you think. Will the low price of Lumia 822 help in clicking good sales volume at Verizon ?