Modern CombatOne of the very popular action games, Modern combat 5: Blackout has seen an update. The update seems to bring lots of new features and changes, if the versions notes seen in the store are of latest version (no way to know, as update date is not listed in new store).

Modern combat 5: Blackout changelog:

Hit the deck! A barrage of new features is heading right for Modern Combat 5 in this exciting new update.

SUPPORT CLASS REPORTING FOR DUTY! -Heal allies -Let your teammates respawn on the spot they died

WEAPONS APLENTY -Extra weapon tier -New Light Machine Gun

MULTIPLAYER BONANZA – Dominate enemies on two beloved Modern Combat maps: Scramble and Overtime. – Vote for the next map you want to battle on. – Get revenge in Squad Battles by asking for a rematch. – Climb the Solo and Squad multiplayer leagues.

ALL-NEW MULTIPLAYER MODE: ZONE CONTROL -Capture and defend areas to rack up score superiority

MORE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION -Weapon camos, masks, logos and kill signs

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