814ed789-6900-4a47-8004-6775207382b6The Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is moBudget ᴾᴿᴼ. This is a very flexible and powerful financial application. You can decide how simple or complex you want carry on your finances.

It will also help you drive and organize both your personal income and outcome budgeting

moBudget ᴾᴿᴼ Features:

Main dashboard with intelligent indicators
✔ Transactions/bills reminders integrated to the system **
✔ Upcoming and overdue payments, incomes, bills
✔ Customizable color budget bars for at a glance visual feedback
✔ Easy and quick input for tracking either expenses, incomes or transfer between accounts
✔ Budgets adjustment helper
✔ Actual balance vs budget balance
✔ Timeline projection for money availability estimation
✔ Accounts and credit cards usage recording *
✔ Cash flow and out of funds predictions *
✔ Goals for tracking achievements (debt pay or savings)
✔ Credit card bill auto-generation on cut-off date
✔ Future transactions and recurrent transactions scheduling
✔ Live tile with expense/budgeting indicators
✔ Can pin quick transaction tiles to Start screen
✔ Multicurrency support with rates auto sync online
✔ Account balances reconciliation
✔ Security PIN for data protection
✔ Encrypted backups to the cloud or email **
✔ Export your data to CSV/Excel **
✔ Integrated Handyscan engine to scan receipts (with perspective correction) **
✔ Store receipts in the cloud (SkyDrive/Dropbox)
✔ More…!

* Calculated: will not access your bank information.
** Only available in Full version

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