Nokia MixRadioWell, not so good news after all!! It seems the one of most loved feature of MixRadio has been killed by Microsoft in India and in other supported markets. You won’t be able to renew your MixRadio unlimited download subscription and even if your new device comes with unlimited music download subscription, you won’t be able to use it, as Nokia account won’t work.

As per a Microsoft support FAQ reply,

You will no-longer be able to purchase renewals for your unlimited download subscription via Operator Billing, Credit/Debit Card or Voucher as this feature is no-longer available.

The streaming MixRadio service will still be functioning on your Lumia WP8 device without the unlimited download subscription, where you can enjoy all of your favorite artists and discover new ones.

Without Xbox Music availability, Lumia users in markets like India are left without a music download service, which is a ridiculous situation!!

Thanks Aman & Rico for the tip. Cheers!!