Apps storeMicrosoft has made the Windows 10 universal apps store live and operational!! While this store was known to all of us, now if you try to check for any app in the old Windows Phone store it will simply redirect you to the new universal store.

Though the store navigation looks and feels half-baked in comparison to the old Windows Phone app store. If you are on an app page there is no clear way to find your way back to the App store home. Search works for entire, while it should have been limited to app search in the store. Perhaps Microsoft needed to think about the website design basics before launching the Universal app store. The top navigation menu is entirely missing.

Also there is no way yet to see when the last update has landed for any app and you can’t see all apps that a publisher has got by clicking on its name. Even the features like downloading XAP files manually or remote installation of apps is not possible now.

store UIOn positive side, you can now see whether an app is available for PC, mobile device, Surface HUB, HoloLens, other Windows devices and Xbox or only one of them.

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