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Microsoft kills Messaging-Skype integration in Windows 10 Mobile Build 14332

Microsoft removed Messaging-Skype integration in Windows 10 PC version with the Build 14316 in favor of the Skype UWP Preview app. Now seems with Build 14332 the Windows 10 Mobile also loses the Skype integration.

As you can notice in the screenshot above, Skype related settings are gone from the Messaging app along with the loss of integration. There is no trace of the Skype Video app too. What is however surprising is that Skype UWP Preview app for Windows 10 Mobile is not available too. So only way you can do Skype now on Windows 10 Mobile Redstone is to use the old Windows Phone Skype app.

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  • cdb033

    Man I love the skype integration. I’m definitely not updating to the next build. My 1520 has handled it wonderfully! If it’s removed we will have to jump back and forth from skype to texting? We stay far behind.

  • Demian

    It’s nice that MSFT removed integration. It was only causing problems, from severe battery drain, Skype setup errors and Camera not working.

  • k-ham

    It was such a nice Feature back in WP7 when we were able to use SMS, Messenger and Facebook all in the Messaging App!
    Why is M$ doing this? In a time when SMS becomes more and more Instant Messaging it is important to make your own instantmessaging Service as easy to use as it is possible

    • McHale72

      I agree. As soon as they pulled out the Facebook messaging integration it was downhill. The loss of hubs took away what made Windows Phone unique and pretty awesome. Now it’s just a plain mobile OS with no differentiating features. The fact that Microsoft makes more and better apps for Android and iOS is quite telling. They keep marketing the tools to convert Android and iOS to Windows Phone yet they refuse to convert the Garage apps to Windows Phone. Hmmmmmm….

      • The Facebook messaging integration was removed because Facebook blocked all third party app from using the messaging API as they what you to use their on Messenger app. The fact that they are building a new Skype UWP app is very good, as shown by the high demand from the feedback app. The mix between messages from different services was very annoying for many users and the Skype apps from Android/iOS had a better functionally. Stop throwing the blame on Microsoft for everything without documenting.

        • Viktar

          New Skype app will have SMS integration.

          That’s mostly a rebranding rather than new app.