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Microsoft Confirms FM Radio App Removal From Mobile OS. Asks to Upvote To Get It In Store

Microsoft today officially confirmed that they have removed the official built in FM radio app from latest builds Windows 10 Mobile and it will no longer exist in upcoming builds. The Program Manager on the Windows Insider Engineering team at Microsoft has confirmed this on twitter.

The users which are on Windows 10 Mobile build 14332 noticed that they don’t have the built in FM radio app. Its not clear why Microsoft has make this unwanted move for Windows 10 Mobile. But it seems Microsoft is open to bring it back to Store and has asked Insiders to upvote it in Feedback app. Link to Feedback Hub Request.

BTW you can download third party FM radio apps from store to enjoy local or internet radios. There are number of FM radio apps in store. You may try following radio app.

FM Radio
FM Radio
Developer: Astute Dev
Price: Free+

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  • Goga Montana

    Take it back! Are you crazy? What if we are in some place without internet, what we can do? And this app could be life-saver!

  • Xenred

    Remving FM Radio isnt end of the world, but they make W10M less valuable instead of leaving as an extra advantage.

    Seriously, FM Radio can be used for calamities that fancy intenret cannot when the cellular radio tower is gone or too weak to reach.

  • SVKNet

    BTW iPhone and perhaps all latest flagship phones like Galaxy S7 don’t have FM Radio, still they are selling in good numbers.
    Every month MS is encouraging me to move away from Windows Mobile.

    • McHale72

      S7 has FM radio. Leave it to Microsoft to constantly kill off apps while other companies add them.