Windows apps number

Microsoft has revamped its “Microsoft by the numbers” site, that shares interesting facts in form of numbers. The page has been a source of Windows Phone and Windows apps number in past. Now checking the latest info about the apps on the revamped site reveals 669,000 apps for Phones, Desktops and Tablets in the unified Windows 10 store.

It is though not possible to tell how many apps are there exactly for only Windows Phones devices. Last it was reported in March 2015, number of apps in Windows Phone store was 385,000 and for Windows store it was 200,000. So, while its shows good growth in number of apps from March to now we may need to extrapolate to get the figures for Windows Phone apps. But universal apps may reduce number of apps to be counted in the store as earlier same app used to be counted separately in both Windows and Windows Phone store.

Microsoft by Numbers link