Microsoft has talked about Windows 10 Anniversay update coming this summer to all kinds of Windows 10 devices including PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One, Microsoft HoloLens and IOT. Our sources had told us to expect June-July timeline for release of Redstone Phase 1 aka the Anniversary update. And now Microsoft may have almost confirmed that it will be July month that will bring the Anniversary update.

In the Windows 10 Roadmap for business, from which we extracted info about Enhanced Continuum and remote PC unlock, Microsoft also mentions a new Cortana feature coming in… you guessed it right, July 2016.

Cortana is also the best digital assistant at reminders, letting you set them in more ways including by pen, and [coming in July 2016] pulling reminder-relevant info from emails so you have the details at hand. And you can instantly capture your ideas by voice just by telling Cortana to take a note.**

So, it seems Windows 10 Anniversary update is planned for July 2016 but things might change in future a bit, if something doesn’t go as per planned in terms of Windows 10 development.