Microsoft talked about upcoming Messaging everywhere feature in Windows 10 in the Build 14322 changelog. Now a screenshot shows us the Messaging app version 3.16.7004.0 that has the branding of “Messaging Everywhere Beta”. It is also interesting to note that the current released Windows 10 PC preview build 14316 already has settings for Messaging everywhere, as can be seen in the above screenshot. So, we may see it arriving soon via a new app update or may be with a new build as Microsoft has mentioned below.

We will soon be enabling a preview of the “Messaging everywhere” feature in Windows 10 that allows you to send and receive text messages from your phone directly from your Windows 10 PC’s. You will see options for this feature in the Messaging app on PC but not on Mobile. A newer Mobile build is required for this experience to fully light up. More to come on this when the experience is live.

Messaging everywhere Beta

Mobile Image Credit: Roman