Many Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 7.2 users have complained about a software bug that makes Proximity sensor work erratically. While this issue first appeared on some Nokia 5.3 units out of the box, Nokia 7.2 users have started facing this bug post November 2020 update.

There are two major threads about this bug that makes the screen off when call gets connected and remains so until the caller on other side disconnects the call. Ideally the screen should go off only when you place the phone near your ear while attending a call.

Nokia 5.3 thread

Nokia 7.2 thread

Some users have claimed that the issue gets resolved when updating to the latest Phone app update from Google Play store. Others have uninstalled the latest Phone app update to resolve this issue.

I at least know one person with similar issue on his Nokia 5.3, while my Nokia 5.3 doesn’t have this issue. HMD may need to communicate and roll-out a fix for the  issue that is plaguing many users it seems.