We have removed some close up shots of kids and the photos left are of more generic nature or leaked earlier.

The earlier leaked image is from Lumia 928’s front camera as is confirmed by the Exif info below,


Now there are more photos which belong to the same album as indicated by name of images and characters in the pictures which are same. These all photos don’t have Exif info, but the image titles suggest them coming from the same device from which the above photo is. Now, since Exif info of above photos are from the Lumia 928, so we will consider all these below sample from Lumia 928 camera, until proved otherwise ;). So, here it goes.




There are one more set of sample pictures which are from other date, but are hosted by the same blogspot, which seems to be personal blog of some Nokia camera tester(s). The blog can’t be accessed without invitation but images somehow can be accessed(?). Anyways, if samples in this other set are also from Lumia 928 then Nokia has loaded Lumia 928 with very capable camera, it seems. Check it for yourself,