If you remember the above video, it was uploaded as “See the full picture with Nokia 808 pureview“. Now making of this video has been posted in a Nokia conversation article. Some noteworthy and interesting points from the article,

  • The ad-making agency was not told about the 41MP sensor of the Camera.
  • The video producer says “It was really disorienting at first as we realised quite how much detail the camera was able to capture.”
  • The ad-shoot was done without much budget and without full crew, actors and complex lighting rigs. In their words, “In reality, we had none of that. The people just happened to be there, either for the Carnival or from a friendly local Samba school.”
  •  The professional video makers say that they were able to get pictures that they wouldn’t have been able to take with a DSLR. Because it’s a phone, you can get closer to people, deeper into scenarios, without people becoming self-aware.
  • Again the most amazing thing about this video-shoot is that whole low light imagery in the video was captured at 5 MegaPixels only. The video producer says that people should not focus on 41 MP number but on the amazing results that it gives.

“What I’d say to people considering the phone is, don’t concentrate on the 41-megapixels. Concentrate on the great results at 5-megapixels. The low light imagery we used in the film was taken at that resolution.

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