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Lumia 520 best selling “Windows” device! Windows & WP store, app environment tools & APIs to merge.

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Paul Thurrott, who is considered to have good insider sources within Microsoft has revealed few interesting tidbits from last annual company-wide meeting with Steve Ballmer as CEO.

For one, Lumia 520 has been revealed to be not only the best-selling windows phone but also the best-selling windows device including PC and Tablets as well. Now, that is some achievement!!

Another important development is unification or merger of Windows and Windows Phone stores with next release of Windows, the Windows 9.0. More important is the fact that even app environment tools & APIs will merge.

Microsoft also demonstrated a streaming version of Halo 4 running on Windows Phone and Windows tablet devices. It will let them stream modern PC-quality games over the Internet from its data centers. The firm noted that latency was down to 45 milliseconds.

Thanks Vrind for the Tip. Cheers!!

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  • Ben

    4Leka said that future windows phone can’t run wp 8 apps which is wrong, I’m not talking about unification, just legacy apps.

  • Ben

    No retard. This article is misguided. Windows 8.1 is getting a GDR update to link the API and merger with WP 8.1. Any legacy app will work on 8.1 from 7,7.5/7.8 all the way up to WP8. So people will still develop apps for WP8 regardless of which version of WP 8.1 and up and anyway developers will be working on games and apps for WP 8.1 better than WP8. But when you get 8.1 on your phone or any new phone pre loaded with 8.1 can run previous versions of apps from WP 7-8 xap file, so windows will also run xap apps and games from WP to all form factors. It will work ok, but will be scaled up and developers need to tweak, without breaking combatilty and confusion with APPX windows 8 version app or game. If you now that nearly all WP 7 apps works with WP 8 only few games dont work because of XNA on WP 8 and Windows 8. Soon windows will with the merge. I sense you don’t know how WP work. They don’t break combailty in every version of the os, it does not work like that.

    • Kamal Mishra

      Ben, unification doesn’t mean no backward compatibility. In fact all the apps will be compatible with both Windows and Windows phone’s next versions and there will be a single store which can give huge boost to app ecosystem..

  • 4Leka

    So none of the WP8 apps are going to work on WP9, then? That will certainly give app developers more reason to develop for WP8… not.