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Lumia 520 best selling “Windows” device! Windows & WP store, app environment tools & APIs to merge.


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Paul Thurrott, who is considered to have good insider sources within Microsoft has revealed few interesting tidbits from last annual company-wide meeting with Steve Ballmer as CEO.

For one, Lumia 520 has been revealed to be not only the best-selling windows phone but also the best-selling windows device including PC and Tablets as well. Now, that is some achievement!!

Another important development is unification or merger of Windows and Windows Phone stores with next release of Windows, the Windows 9.0. More important is the fact that even app environment tools & APIs will merge.

Microsoft also demonstrated a streaming version of Halo 4 running on Windows Phone and Windows tablet devices. It will let them stream modern PC-quality games over the Internet from its data centers. The firm noted that latency was down to 45 milliseconds.

Thanks Vrind for the Tip. Cheers!!

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