PureViewClub has posted interesting comparison between two 20 MP cameras of Lumia 1520 and Sony Xperia Z1 compact. Xperia Z1’s camera boasts of oversampling just like Lumia 1520 and gives 8 MP output, while Lumia 1520’s oversampled output is 5 MP. So, can Xperia shake it in image quality even after using slightly larger sensor (1/2.3″ vs 1/2.5″) than Lumia 1520 and using its own oversampling algorithms. If the comparson is anything to go by, the answer is no. Nokia’s oversampling algorithms have come a long way and 20 MP camera of Lumia 1520 not only emrges winner in color accuracy but also in resolving details.

Have a look at two crop sets below. Lumia 1520 is on top followed by Xperia Z1 at the bottom.

nokia Lumia 1520 vs Xperia-z1 compact3 Nokia Lumia 1520 Music 20 MP 640 x 360 2

3 Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Music 20 MP 640 x 360 2

You can catch more sets in the source article at PureViewClub.