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PhoneArena has posted comparison review between Lumia 1520 and Galaxy Note 3 and we have taken sample pictures and videos from their article to find out how these two compare against each other. PhoneArena concludes Lumia 1520 taking more detailed images than Galaxy Note 3 and that the difference in imaging quality becomes more apparent as the lighting conditions become tricky. However they declare Note 3 winner in video capture comparison, which to us is a bit unfair judgement. Have a look at the similar videos captured by both devices below and you will also reach to same conclusion.

Below, we have put screenshot of similar frame from both videos and Lumia 1520 looks sharper with much more details. Not to forget due to OIS videos captured with Lumia 1520 look much smoother. May be PhoneArena settles it with a side by side video comparison.


Now coming to imaging comparison, Lumia 1520 constantly takes sharper and more detailed images than Galaxy Note 3, though in bright daylight the difference becomes less noticeable. But, Galaxy Note 3 has some exposure issues in bright sunlight and resulting images lose some sharpness. Have a look at the sample downsized images and one 200% crop comparison.

Untitled Lumia 1520 crop is at bottom while Galaxy Note 3 crop is on the top. Though  crops don’t cover similar areas due to difference in image resolutions but one can easily notice how much more detail Lumia 1520 camera captures. Some samples below (downsized),

Lumia 1520:


Galaxy Note 3:Samsung-Galaxy-Note-33

Lumia 1520:


Galaxy Note 3:

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-31Lumia 1520:


Galaxy Note 3:


Head over to PhoneArena article for full-size images.

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