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Flipkart-Lumia 1520-NPU

Flipkart has already opened Lumia 1520 pre-order, though it’s not clear why it is pre-order, as Nokia has announced the availability of device from today. Anyways, good news is the pricing which gives straight Rs 1000 discount on the official pricing of Rs 46999. Flipkart promises availability from 4th week of December.

Flipkart link


Nokia India has fianlly launched Lumia 1520 in India for a price of INR 46999 a price pretty close to what was revealed by our retailer sources. Also, as confirmed by our sources and Nokia now, the device is already in stock and is available to buy from today. Nokia has also launched a Lumia 1520 case (CP623) for a price of Rs 2,999.

Lumia 1320 was not revealed during today’s launch event and as we already reported the device is in testing in India as of now.

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