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For every one badly done shootout there are many more fairly done ones!! So, this one is from Thailand and pits once again Lumia 1020 against Sony Xperia Z1. Site “Appdisqus” has done this shootout in challenging mixed lighting conditions of indoors. Great part is that they have done crop comparison of full-res images from both Lumia and Xperia Z1 and guess what the difference in imaging quality is really huge. Check the comparison sets of lady in bathtub below or the one after that. These are not a crop but still one can make out the difference easily.DSC_00142


Now when one comes to crop level the difference simply magnifies. See, how easily Lumia 1020 outperforms Xperia Z1 in clarity, contrast and amount of details.

DSC_00181 WP_20130306_11_01_56_Pro__highresDSC_00191WP_20130306_11_02_18_Pro__highres

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Thanks Kip for the Tip. Cheers!!

There are more images to be seen and for that you need to follow the source link here.