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Google trends data for searches throws light on increasing popularity for Lumia brand. If we explore last six months data and include “Samsung Galaxy” as a term in search we see interesting trend coming out worldwide. Lumia has shown consistent growth and over a period from July to September has grown strongly. During the same period “Samsung Galaxy” searches have shown decline.

Worldwide trends link Untitled1Coming to India, actually we can see steep growth in Lumia popularity over a period of last six months and again it is very strong over July to September period. In fact Samsung galaxy searches have seen decline and now Lumia is very close at present to the popularity of Samsung galaxy. If this continues, next 3 months may see Lumia overtaking Samsung Galaxy in India.

India trends link

So seems, as far as popularity is concerned, Lumia brand is really working for Nokia and in India it is particularly strong!!

Thanks Chainsmoker for the idea. Cheers!!

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