Microsoft has now taken care of some of the complaints that Lumia users had in regards to the cool “Living Images” feature, that Apple has so well copied and marketed on its latest Flagship devices. Update after update of the universal Photos app on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile have brought new features and changes that have enabled use of Living Images in a deeper and more enjoyable manner. Here are some of the cool Living Images features / changes that you may or may not know about.

Living Images features

  • So, now you can share Living Images as “images or video” from the Photos app itself and that too using mail or directly on Facebook or using other sharing options, if you please.
  • The second great news is that Living Images syncs to OneDrive as a single file and then if synced from OneDrive to a Windows 10 running PC, plays like a Living Image in “Photos” app of the PC too. Not only that once on PC you can share it again.
  • You can now save photos from Living Image by just opening the captured living image in the Photos app and choosing edit. So, if you are not satisfied with the final image captured using Living Images option in Camera, you can use this option to save desired images from the Living Images.
  • By pressing and holding on a Living Image you can get the context sensitive menu and you can set it as “shows as a still image or a Living Image”.
  • Even the FFC has support for Living Images with the Windows Camera app and you can capture “Living Selfies” too
  • You can switch on both Living images and Rich Capture features in Lumia Camera and capture Living Images with HDR or Dynamic Flash editing options. You can edit the Living Images for HDR or Flash in the Photos app itself. Here is more about this feature along with video demo.

Do let us know what you think about this article and do you have anything else to share about Living Images that is not covered here.