Lumia 940 XL

Microsoft is all set to unveil Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL during the October 6 event and minor details are still trickling in for the devices. We will add some more!!

Pricing & Bundles:

We earlier told you that our sources expect a premium pricing, but nothing astronomical. The devices will be a bit pricey but in some of the markets (Europe & US) Microsoft will make the deal sweeter by offering free accessories bundle with it, something that was offered in past with Lumia 930 and even Lumia 830. But this may or may not be valid for markets like India or China or for that reason for most of the emerging markets. In these markets the devices will be sold mostly standalone or a mix of strategy can be taken which means accessory bundle on a promotional basis. The promotional accessory bundle may include Qi Wireless Charger + Continuum Dock Munchkin.

We still expect a pricing of around or slightly higher than $649 (EUR 649 for Europe) for Lumia 940 XL and around or slightly higher than $600 (EUR 600 for Europe) for Lumia 950. Prices in various markets may vary from this base price as we have seen in case of earlier flagships like Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520.

Feel & Camera:

The devices have been criticized for both the polycarbonate body and deviating from the “Flagship” Lumia design language. But ones who have handled the devices, tell us that these are light, thin, very fast and does have a premium feel. The display is one of the best ever seen with punchy and vibrant colors and great news is that it has anti-fingerprint “Oleophobic coating”. The design grows on you when you use these in real-life!!

The camera on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL is also tipped to be with lots of improvement over the Lumia 930 camera in terms of sensor design, new algorithms and more capable OIS. The new flash will also help in getting more real-life images in low-light capturing conditions. Expect Microsoft to release a paper talking about these improvements post release.

Release Date & Markets:

We told you long time back that these devices running Windows 10 Mobile will ship soon after the announcement and by end of October may be available to order in some markets. Now since not all the markets have this concept of pre-ordering the device there is not a fixed schedule for pre-ordering and release to markets.

But we are sure that the devices will be on pre-order soon in some Euorpean and Asian markets post the announcement on October 6 and will ship by end of October. Our sources have already talked about probable availability dates in US. Coming to India, we hear about an upcoming launch event sometime in October, so expect devices to hit shelves in early November.

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