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Lumia 930 beats the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in OIS shootout


Lumia 930 vs SGS 6Samsung has just launched two of its latest flagships Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, both with cutting-edge hardware and camera tech. Now, Nokia (Microsoft mobile) hardly gets the credit it deserves for introducing most of the camera innovations to smartphone, gladly copied by Samsung, Apples and likes. Anyways, coming directly to the story, cameras on Samsung’s flagships pack OIS, something Nokia first introduced with Lumia 920 to a smartphone.

Samsung conducted OIS shootout challenge during MWC 2015 challenging every other device owner to beat OIS on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge. So, while Galaxy S6 Edge bested likes of iPhone 6 in OIS test, it got beaten at its own game by the reigning Lumia Flagship Lumia 930. Check the video posted  on YouTube, that compares the OIS on Lumia 930 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


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  • Pumpkin King

    I’ll be the first to say what Nokia deserves in cameras in phones.

    But that’s more so now rather than then. And Samsung is the last company to pull something like that with.
    Samsung also was the first to offer most updates in cameras up til the 12mp and were the only ones to really challenge Nokia.
    Even brought HD recording and playback. Everyone is copying those from them too.

    And they have the only device with 10x optical zoom.
    Samsung also brought phase detection, real time HDR, focus taking, 4K, and so OK.

    They both did plenty. Not just Nokia.

  • X-47B

    Better stabilization, but worse colour accuracy in Lumia.

    • Kamal

      How can you judge color accuracy without actually capturing anything??

  • Vlad

    Sincerely, I think you should remove this post, as the Samsung in “photo” mode. That is why there is a big difference.

    • Kamal

      You mean to say OIS becomes useless in photo mode?? At least that doesn’t happen on Lumias.

      • Vlad

        Don’t get me wrong. Although, I’m also a Nokia fan, I thinkg that there should be a difference between “photo” and “video” modes, just to be fair. 🙂

        • Kamal

          All I am trying to say OIS does work in both the modes photo or video. Low-light imaging without Flash made possible with …..??

          And, I know you very well and also understand that you are an imaging enthusiast yourself :).

    • Fausto

      Even my Lumia 920 can beat any current non Lumia OIS, be it video or photo.