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In daylight capturing conditions, Lumia 730 camera really shines. In fact while in terms of keeping thing natural, Lumia 925 camera is slightly better than Lumia 730 camera but when it comes to sharper images, Lumia 730 images are sharper as compared to Lumia 925 images. We would try to explain what’s happening.

1) Lumia Camera 5 has much higher level of image sharpening as compared to what you will see on Lumia Camera 4.X with Lumia Denim. Because of this, Lumia 925 imaging algorithms keep image looking natural but Lumia 730 images come out much sharper.

2) When you go to higher crop level, Lumia 925’s bigger sensor shows its advantage in many cases but in many case both seem to capture similar amount of details.

In low-light capturing conditions,

1) Without flash, the OIS gives Lumia 925 big advantage over Lumia 730. The images with Lumia 925 look much better than those captured with Lumia 730.

2) With flash, the advantage is again with Lumia 925 camera, but less pronounced.

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