One great piece of news coming from Netherlands, where Lumia 920 pre-orders has just begun as the device is going to hit Netherlands in January only. Marc from PureViewClub has just tipped us on this. reports that Nokia Lumia 920, is remarkably popular in Netherlands. The number of orders across various retailers and in different stores and  is equal to or greater than the orders for the iPhone 5. This has been confirmed by “Coolblue” and “Phone House” to Similar reports have come from as well.

The number of registrations for the Nokia at Phone House is even similar to Lumia 920 the number of registrations for the iPhone 5 in the first week,” said the telecom retailer. “Also with our colleagues in France is the device very popular.”

Coolblue, with the webshop Pdashop. en, let know that the Lumia 920 the does better than all releases of HTC, Apple and Samsung, but would not say which periods or for orders are compared.

So, similar stories coming from nearly every market where Lumia 920 has gone on pre-order or sale. That is really great news for Nokia !!

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