Lumia 920 has been really the low-light camera champ for quite sometime now, smoking every contender which claims to be “so much 2013” in process. We already know how it has performed against iPhone 5 and SGS 3 in many tests. So, now with launch of SGS 4 the question will be on many minds, is SGS 4 any better than SGS 3 in low-light?

As we told in one article sometime back that without any hardware improvement, SGS 4 will take as bad pictures as SGS 3 in low -light. We came to know about Dr. Michael Spehr posting a low light comparison between these three devices via Nokia’s Ben Lampe’s tweet. Now what we did is to put crops of those three original images together and present it to you :).

So, as you can see the dark left side of the above image is crop from SGS4’s image. Heavily grainy but still more illuminated image in middle  is from iPhone 5. On right you will not only see the books clearly but also can make out the color and read some big letters in the image crop from Lumia 920. You can check the images by clicking the source link here.

So, may be MS can re-post that low-light challenge video for Lumia 920 vs SGS 4 as well. After all it holds equally valid for SGS 4’s low-light performance as well :P.