Eugen Diskin aka jenjaman from WP7Forum.ru has posted a video shootout of most trying kind between Lumia 920 and new Samsung Flagship SGS IV. Both have been mounted on toy car and then dragged, as it seems batteries of the remote controlling the toy car died!! If you remember, they were the ones posting similar comparison between Lumia 920 and SGS 3 when Lumia 920 was launched.

So, another day another challenger from the house of Samsung, now with 13 MP camera. So, how does the new challenger fares against Lumia 920? Hmmmm, as bad as the last one, or may be worse !! Samsung has yet to bring a challenger to one year old Nokia’s imaging tech :P. May be with SGS V or VI¬†then…..

Ok, now you can watch the video below or click here,