Lumia 920 vs Lumia 720 low light

WindowsBlogItalia has posted unboxing video for Lumia 720. Along with that they have done a small comparison between Lumia 920 and Lumia 720’s low light imaging capability. As, we know Lumia 920 has been a trendsetter with a first in the industry technology by Nokia to capture insane amount of light in even totally dark conditions thanks to its OIS and F/2 aperture camera. Nokia, introduced Lumia 720’s camera without OIS but with wider aperture of F/1.9 than even Lumia 920. Due to this, is also capable of taking mind-blowing low-light images and it has already proved that it can do better than iPhone 5 and HTC One in low-light conditions.

So, how does Lumia 720 fare against Lumia 920 in low-light without flash? Check the comparison image above. Lumia 720 is on top and Lumia 920 at bottom. Lumia 920 obviously capture more light in similar conditions than Lumia 720. Even clarity seems better and visually noise is less in Lumia 920 images. But then Lumia 720 doesn’t have OIS, but still impresses as the second best low-light shooter after Lumia 920 !!

Ok, now coming to their unboxing of Lumia 720. It is a White Lumia 720 this time!! You can watch the video below, or click here.


Thanks Alexandre for the Tip. Cheers!!