If creating cinema-style short movies is your thing then you need to read this article on NokConv and watch the first video below. The maker of that video is Christopher Westerholm, who has captured the video first with Lumia 920 and then applied some effects to make it look cinema-style. He says that one doesn’t need a expensive camera to create a cinematic effect and he loves smooth video capture of Lumia 920. Read more,

“I wanted to show that you don’t need an expensive camera to make something that looks cinematic.” “The technology that exists on the smartphone in our pockets means we don’t necessarily need conventional video cameras. Nokia has always innovated when its comes to camera sensors.”

While all the crisp, clear, and smooth video was shot on the Nokia Lumia 920, there was some editing that took place after filming to add sounds and to slow down some of the motion for effect. “I needed to perform some colour correcting and add the music and sounds. Premiere Elements is a great piece of software for editing and inserting music.”

“The Nokia Lumia 920 films everything at 30 fps. I then converted the footage to 24 fps to create a more cinematic look and feel. It’s this reducing of frame rate that creates a small slow-motion effect”.With the OIS, the Nokia Lumia 920 can record at an almost professional level of smoothness. So much so, that you’d almost forget you’re watching a film shot purely on a smartphone.

Four more awesome videos captured with Lumia 920. Like the above one, these all videos are great examples of what Lumia 920 with OIS can do when it comes to defying the smartphone camera limitations.