TechnoBuffalo has pitted Lumia 920 against Samsung’s latest 13 MP wonder SGS 4 and we have to say it is really extensive and looks like a pretty fair comparison. There are photo comparison sets in nearly all conditions:- Daylight, Low-light, landscape, Indoor close-up and so on…. A common theme emerges where it is confirmed by the reviewer comments that in capturing right colors and more details Lumia 920 constantly outdoes SGS 4. Check the outdoor comparison above and the reviewer comment says, flower was white while SGS 4 makes flower’s color slightly pinkish, Lumia 920 captures it correctly. Similarly in low-light comparison below, Lumia 920 captures the light green Android robotlight green” with more details and clarity.


Reviewer seems pretty impressed with Lumia 920 saying,

There’s no picture comparing low-light performance (in a restaurant or bar), but I can tell you that the Lumia 920 absolutely spanks the S4 in situations like that. No contest.

Though later they added the above green robot low-light picture comparison!! There are many more comparison sets, so go ahead and click here to read more.