This is perhapsĀ the best deal yet, one can get for Lumia 920 online in India. Both Yellow and Red Lumia 920 are available at “e-dabba.com” for the lowest online price of Rs 35990. This deal is sweetened further by adding a free “Bluetooth Headset BT-2000-WH” with Lumia 920 purchase. If you are eyeing Yellow or Red Lumia 920 in India, then this deal is the worth considering.

Even Lumia 820 is priced at Rs 25990 and has the same free “Bluetooth Headset BT-2000-WH” offer. This certainly is the best deal for even Lumia 820 online yet.

Lumia 920 order link

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Thanks “TeckDevil” for the tip. Cheers !!