Engadget team is certainly having lots of fun. They have now done an extensive low-light shootout and pitted Lumia 920 against 808 PureView, HTC One X, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy s III.

[viddler id=cfd70f33 w=545 h=307]

There are two rounds of testing. One inside the Lab with artificially created low-light situation, while one was done under the sky. Lumia 920 wins both the rounds. 808 PureView’s images are darker but they still have least noise and great details. iPhone 5 tends to match the low-light exposure, but in the process becomes too grainy and colors looks washed out. Afterall software prowess can’t match the hardware capability :). SGS III and One X are simply unusable here.

We will recommend you to download and see full resolution images in the source article. You will then be able to appreciate our conclusion more.

Coming to the first test, according to Engadget,

The Lumia 920 took the cake, without question, but the iPhone didn’t fare too poorly itself, snatching up nearly as much light as the Nokia device. The 808 PureView also performed quite well, but the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III yielded unusable results. It’s one thing to snag proper exposure, though — capturing sharp details with little noise and superior color balance is an entirely different beast, and the Lumia managed to do just that, as you’ll see in our 100-percent-view shots further on.

Engadget team did one more set of low-light test, this time under natural dark conditions. Here also Lumia 920 shines and takes the trophy. But, Engadget team does mention one thing here, they clicked a very good image at 1600 ISO with 808 PureView, but haven’t included in the comparison as other smartphones wouldn’t have those settings. In fact, 808 PureView set at higher ISO settings can still capture images as good or better than the best. We do know that, and you can check some of the extreme low-light shots with 808 PureView at higher settings by clicking here.

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