There are some articles in the media showing concern over discounts given on Lumia 822 and 810 by carriers and Amazon selling Lumia 920 for $39.99. Actually the inference that these normally biased articles try to draw is that Lumias are not moving fast off shelfs. So, here is something that will keep those mouth shut for sometime. Lumia 822 is in “Top sellers” list of Verizon which obviously proves that there exists healthy demand for the devices, and also Verizon seems to raise the price back to $49.99. So, hope biased media houses will show less concern for discounts on Lumia.

Also if you have read our last article about Lumia 920 at Walmart, then Lumia 920 is being sold for a price of $239.99 at Walmart and still is in “best selling list“.


Now, on checking it seems Bestbuy is selling iPhone 5 at $50 discount and Lumia 920 without discount. Also at Amazon, SGS III is going for $59 with a huge discount of $149 over the carrier price. So, may be WSJ and co should be more worried about deep discount on Samsung and Apples’s products than singling out Lumias !!