This is directly from horse’s mouth.

First from Major Finnish operator Elisa. Elisa is one of the largest retailers of mobile handsets, with a market share of just under 20 per cent.

“We received a few thousands advance reservations. The figures are very close to those of Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S”, explained subscription business director Henri Kopra from the teleoperator Elisa.

They also told publicly that the Nokia Lumia 800 has sold out in some of their 60 retail stores.

Now from Stockmann, one of the major electronic department has to say this,

“The first-day sales figures are almost as high as those of the iPhone. At the counter there is a continuous queue of five to ten people, and practically all the phone buyers are asking for a Lumia”, said Kimmo Rantala, sales manager of the electronics department at Stockmann”.

 Also from teleoperator TeliaSonera,

 “Sales have started commendably. Some outlets may have run out of certain colours, but otherwise the availability is good. People seem to have faith in this product”, was the view of Petri Lahtinen, Vice President, Mobility Sales Finland at teleoperator TeliaSonera.

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Nokia-lumia 800

Also  from the which today reported how people are braving  -27 °C of freezing temp to buy Lumia, and also how it is selling better in comparison to N8 in its initial days. Read more below.

 Today is day two of Nokia Lumia 800 sales in Finland. I can’t really give you numbers of how much it has sold in the store where I work (Gigantti), but I can tell you this – it is selling a lot! Without looking at actual sales numbers, I’d say that I’ve sold more Lumia’s after the launch than N8′s during its few days of sales.

This is especially great when you know that Finland is currently being plagued by a crazy cold wave. In Vaasa, where I live, it’s currently -27 °C!! Imagine going out in that weather, trying to cold start your car when you’re not even sure it will start, and drive to the nearest retailer to get yourself a Nokia Lumia 800. It needs some serious dedication just to buy a phone in this country. Apparently there are enough of us crazy people who go out in that cold weather just to buy a phone.