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Lumia 650 videos: Insert Sim & SD Cards; Keys & Parts


Microsoft made Lumia 650 official on February 15th and the device has quickly gone on sale in European countries. You can grab the best pre-order or buying price for your market by going to our dedicated post for Lumia 650 pre-orders, best deals and more. We have also posted detailed comparison between,

that gives you a good idea about how Lumia 650 compares to other mid-range Lumia devices in terms of specifications, feature and price.

Now official Lumia support YouTube channel has posted two support videos for Lumia 650. One of the videos shows how to insert SIM and MicroSD cards, while the second video provides important information about the Keys and Parts. Check the videos below.

Lumia 650 – How to insert SIM and memory card:


Lumia 650 – Keys and Parts:


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