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Deal Alert: SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card for $59 at Amazon

SanDisk's 200GB microSD card is on sale today. Now we can grab it only for just $59 at Amazon ,which is much lower than the original price. This card is water proof, temperature proof, shock...

Lumia 650 videos: Insert Sim & SD Cards; Keys & Parts

Microsoft made Lumia 650 official on February 15th and the device has quickly gone on sale in European countries. You can grab the best pre-order or buying price for your market by going to...

Microsoft posts Lumia 950 official videos: Inserting Sim & SD Card, Keys & Parts.

With Lumia 950 sales start on AT&T, Microsoft has not only made its Windows 10 Mobile get started page live but also has posted two new official videos on its Lumia Support YouTube page....

Mystery deepens! “Store apps & attachments on external storage & improve/provide micro SD support”...

And the mystery deepens or rather reveals something? @m_shebin just replied to our tweet about "File manager request marked complete" and it seems "Store apps & attachments on external storage and improve/provide micro SD...


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