Lumia 650 stock has arrived in India and Microsoft India may soon launch it officially, we reported earlier. Now while Microsoft may be very close to making it official, a retailer has already listed the device on Amazon and has promised delivery by April 30.

The device is priced Rs 16,599 for White color Model Rs 16,700 for Black color Model and it is the only retailer offering the device in India now. It is the Dual-Sim variant of Lumia 650. We still expect the price to be around Rs 15000 than what this retailer is quoting, so may be you can wait.

You can read all about Lumia 650 specs, features by clicking here. We have also posted detailed comparison between,

that gives you a good idea about how Lumia 650 compares to other mid-range Lumia devices in terms of specifications, features and price.

Amazon link White

Amazon link Black

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