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Lumia 640 is the name of RM-1072 & its family of variants. Key specs, probable pricing & launch date

Lumia 640The RM-1072 and its family of variants may be called Lumia 640 / Lumia 645, when they will be launched gets revealed via two recent certifications. The certification in Brazil for RM-1109 reveals that the Lumia 640 Dual-Sim has a unique battery model BV-T5C.

Now, RM-1072 and RM-1077 that have just passed certification at FCC reveals that these two have the same battery BV-T5C.

RM-1072 FCCSo, it seems quite clear how Microsoft’s new Lumia naming scheme will bring mid-range specs to lower-mid range. We had exclusively reported about RM-1072 & its family (RM-1075, RM-1077) details as coming with 8.7 MP camera, 8 GB storage and with 5-inch, 720p display. Read more about it here.

We also confirmed that it will have a Dual-Sim variant and RM-1077 was caught getting tested in India. RM-1072 has already passed certification in Indonesia. Now the FCC certification also reveals Lumia 1072 as the LTE and RM-1077 as the Dual-Sim variant.

Have a look at all the details that we know about Lumia 640 and its variants below. Apart from Lumia 1072 and Lumia 1077, variants RM-1074 and RM-1075 have also been caught getting tested.

Lumia 640 Price & specifications:

5-inch, 720p display


Dual-Sim / LTE

Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor

8.7 MP rear camera ( May be PureView unit from Lumia 920 / Lumia 925)

0.9 MP FFC

8 GB internal storage

MicroSD card support

Wireless charging cover support


Lumia 640 may be priced around USD 275 on release but the pricing may change a bit later depending upon the markets. The device may get unveiled at upcoming MWC event for which Microsoft has already confirmed participation.

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  • 275 USD is too costly, even with these specs, MS should ensure that the price wont go above 180 USD for this phone to have a chance at the market.

    • John

      I agree. That is the price they should have launched the lumia 830 at. This should be closer to the price the 635 launched at.

    • Ben A

      for the specs above (hello Pureview camera technology), its going to be a bit pricy, with this is more than $180 low/mid range smartphone. MS cannot substitute these devices, the idea that Microsoft is releasing low budget and mid range devices with high end experience specs that will grab the market to gain market share, so they can phase out Nokia branded low/mid range budgets alongside with high end nokia branded Lumia line. Microsoft is basically renewing the whole line, with new line brand, retiring the nokia’s traditional numbering system, along with refreshing from the lowest line, to mid range and the highest range line later throughout the year, therefore Microsoft want’s to push more Microsoft branded Lumia’s into the market masses more into people’s hands since Nokia brand is retired from the whole Lumia line and a new Lumia line shakeup refresh will come into more detail at MWC. The price will go down in months after release, just in time for Windows 10 launch summer and before next winter holiday season. For Example: Remember Lumia 520 used to be over $180 at launch, not for its specs, but value then went down significantly in the next 12-18 months, now which is just $25 on Amazon.

      • The fact that there are better specced mobile phone already on the market wont help a phone when its launched with a high price. The so called Lumia 640 even with those specs and that camera will still have a hard fight particularly in Markets were Xiaommi, One plus One and Samsung are very aggressive. There are already phones with similar or better specs than this lumia in the market for prices less than 180-190 dollars. Yes phones prices reduce with time but then so does its value, as a phone becomes old it specs also will seem old and newer devices with competing prices will be launched. Times have changed greatly since Lumia 520 was released.

  • John

    The shell marked lumia 535 is the 64x shell, and the ones to its right are the 535s.

  • John

    The Lumia 63x shell is CC-3079 and this is CC-3089. That could show that this is the 640.