Lumia 540 vs 640 XL comparisonLumia 540 and Lumia 640 XL are two latest Lumias that pack lots of punch for the price they command. From very good displays to worthy cameras to 5 MP FFC to good performance there is much to like about these two. In this video we compare these two in terms of generalĀ  performance, multitasking, browsing, video streaming & more. Coming to why of this comparison, we understand these two devices are quite different, but still being asked by many about which one they should opt for, we thought of comparing them head-on.

If you think with Snapdragon 400 processor Lumia 640 XL can score an easy win over Lumia 540 that runs on Snapdragon 200, then think again. Lumia 540 gives neck and neck fight to Lumia 640 XL.