First one good news!! After getting sold out for 3 times in a row, Lumia 520 is back in stock at official Jingdong Mall in China. As we have earlier informed it has gathered highest user reviews (by any Lumia) so it certainly is enjoying good demand. Let us see for how many days does this stock last.

Lumia 520 link

Thanks andy for the Tip!!


Now one surprising news!! Lumia 620 which arguably is the better device than Lumia 520 with better display, FFC and camera with flash is now selling for lower price than that of Lumia 520 at both TMall and Jingdong store. As seen in the above screenshot it is going for only Yuan 1278 as compare to Yuan 1299 for Lumia 520 at Tmall. Still, Lumia 520 is selling much better than Lumia 620 as of now. None can read the customer’s mind really:).

TMall link

JD Link