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It may not be getting sold anywhere in the world yet, but Lumia 2520 already has met teardown treatment in China and is laid bare revealing its internals. It is the Red color Tablet which has been disassembled.

a9ee5cee3d6d55fbf3f61c3b6f224f4a20a4dd70.jpgde44239759ee3d6d15f6edd641166d224f4ade70.jpg2bbb781ed21b0ef4c590cc43dfc451da81cb3e28.jpg 5b468294a4c27d1e0e5e6fd919d5ad6eddc43828.jpg 08eda1c27d1ed21bd3b17af8af6eddc451da3f28.jpg 2028f6deb48f8c543092aa3238292df5e1fe7fe7.jpg 77608318367adab4558e745e89d4b31c8601e4ce.jpgI am not a big fan of seeing beautiful Nokia devices going through such treatment, but it has become customary to see the Nokia Engineering in full detail.

Thanks Aikon for the tip. Cheers!!

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