So, HTC has posted a post on its official blog and one look at it and you will certainly have a laugh !!

The post is about developement of camera smartphones over the years. For the year 2012 the post highlights single (amazing ?) feature (available on many other camera smartphones) of its below average camera on 2012 flagship One X. Then as desperation seems to catch them they try to mock 41 MP PureView camera of 808 with first one line of Gizmodo’s first reaction of 808 PureView’s massive camera, “won’t help you at all“.

Lol !! Wish, they had read the Gozmodo’s review of 808 PureView completely, where they realised their mistake. Also many countless shootouts where the crappy camera of One X was crushed by nearly all other “X, Y Z” smartphone cameras. Comparison to PureView quality of 41 MP camera sensor is far cry for them, let them first match Galaxys and iPhones ;). Few lines from Gizmodo review,

The camera really is as impressive as Nokia’s claimed. It produces incredibly crisp and true-to-life 5MP shots, with digital zoom that rivals optical zooms. When you open up the full sensor size, you get incredibly-detailed images that are surprisingly crisp and rich all the way down to actual pixel size.

Nokia’s really set the next benchmark for camera phone imaging, and has pretty much made compact cameras and maybe even bridge cameras obsolete.

HTC also teases about something big happening in 2013 in terms of sound and camera experience. We have heard similar claims from them before launch of One X and don’t ask how underperforming One X’s camera is !! So, it is better to talk less and innovate more, which is what Nokia does !!

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