We have often faced queries about the Picture in Picture mode feature of Android. Since most of the Nokia Android smartphones already run Android Oreo/Pie now it is natural for owners of these devices to try to use one of the most exciting features of the Oreo update.

But using this feature is not so straightforward because of mainly two reasons.

  1. Not every app supports it, so we will provide a list of apps that support it
  2. Many don’t know how to enable it for a particular app or which part of the app’s function can make use of this mode

How to enable Picture in Picture mode:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Follow the flow to enable Picture in Picture mode:

    Just go to Settings–>Apps & notifications–>App info–>Go to the app–>Advanced–>Picture-in-Picture–>toggle on “Allow picture-in-picture”.

List of Apps that support Picture in Picture mode & how to use:

Google Maps:

While using the navigation mode you can use Maps in Picture in Picture or PIP mode. Check the screenshots below. As we said Maps work in PIP mode only when you are using the navigation while driving or riding. All you need to do is to use the home button to send the app in the background while using navigation and PIP window pops up. You can also notice that we have enabled Picture in Picture mode by going to Apps settings.

WhatsApp (Beta):

WhatsApp Beta for Android supports PIP mode. But again this works only when you are doing video calling. Just minimize the app by pressing the home button and PIP windows show the ongoing call. Check the screenshots below.

Google Duo:

You can use PIP mode on Google Duo while calling someone or while receiving the call just like you do it in case of WhatsApp Beta

Google Chrome:

If you are using Google Chrome browser to watch videos using other services like Vimeo, Facebook in full-screen mode, you can just send Chrome to the background using the home button and the video will keep on playing in the PIP window. This doesn’t work on YouTube sadly.


The Facebook app supports it while playing videos using the Facebook video player.


VLC for Android supports PIP mode. You can check how to use the VLC app in PIP mode in our Oreo hands-on video.

YouTube Red:

This is the ridiculous thing to know that the normal YouTube app doesn’t support PIP. PIP mode is only possible with YouTube Red. Such a downer.


Netflix has now enabled picture-in-picture support but for Android 8.1 Oreo running smartphones only. The good news is that all Nokia smartphones with the exception of Nokia 2 and Nokia 3 run Android 8.1 Oreo already.


Telegram has also enabled Picture-in-picture mode support while using the video calling option.


A Food Order & Delivery app in India supports Picture-in-picture mode.


Skype app also supports PIP mode now, it seems.

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge browser also supports PIP mode.