Lumia-540_Dual-SIM_SkypeA new report about Microsoft’s future plans share some details about how many new Lumia device release can be expected every year going forward. Bloomberg reports via its sources that Microsoft may now release less than Six Lumia devices in one year. Every focus segment out of the three: business, low-price & Flagship identified by Microsoft will get 1-2 new devices every year.

Nadella’s restructuring plan includes sharply reducing the number of models the company will release, now about one a week when counting variations for geographical markets, a person familiar with the plans said. Instead, Microsoft will release one to two models a year in each of three categories, said the person, who asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public. The categories are business-focused devices, phones for customers looking for low-price smartphones, and high-end devices for Windows enthusiasts.

Frankly speaking this strategy makes sense when you think in the perspective of cost and effort reduction in absence of a big portfolio. But knowing the kind of competition Android offers at every price point, it will be really an uphill task for Microsoft to maintain even the lowly 3% market share that it eventually managed to get out of the Nokia deal.