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We all have important information, credit card numbers, bank account information, or passwords, that others do not need to get their hands on or even get the slightest glimpse at, so that is why app publisher TowzieTyke brought us a military grade password defense application called Password Defense.

Password Defense uses military grade encryption algorithms to secure anything from credit card info to even a little love note you want to write to the girl that sits across from you in english class.  Password Defense will also create a password for you to use on other accounts, and it will also backup through your skydrive account.


Password Defense is the complete package for anyone needing to keep any information behind a closed door.  The application will have future updates coming that will feature multi-platform support and encrypted syncing to all your devices, just to name a few.  Click HERE for your direct link to go purchase password defense, it does have a $2.49 price tag, but you will get your moneys worth out of this one.

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