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Just updated to Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia Cyan)? Here is your guide to Nirvana!!

Lumia-Cyan-update_featLumia Cyan has started rolling out and it brings both ( Windows Phone 8.1 OS update + Lumia Cyan Firmware update ) packed in one. Here, we have tried to answer you most common queries regarding this update.

1) You will ultimately get the Lumia Cyan firmware update, if you are on Windows phone 8.1 developers preview for now. In case you have BitLocker encryption enabled, you may need to roll-back to Windows Phone 8.

2) The Lumia Cyan is rolling out device by device, it seems. Most of the regions including US have received the update simultaneously for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925. Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320. You can track it here or better follow our coverage.

3) For checking the update manually go to Settings —–> Phone update—–> Check for updates.

4) Lumia 810 is not listed to get Lumia Cyan firmware update, but you can still enjoy the benefits of Windows Phone 8.1 using developer preview.

5) We have made a big playlist of videos covering Windows Phone 8.1 for you. What is more awesome is the fact that apart from hands-on demo these video have “how to” tips and tutorials as well.

6) For catching everything about Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 which includes:- Full Changelog, Hands-on demo videos, Tips, Tutorial no better place than our dedicated Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 page.

7) Cortana is limited to US region only for now. It is going to China, UK as Beta and coming to India, Australia and Canada as Alpha with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update for developer preview devices.

But if you live in other regions and want some Cortana love, here is your tutorial or you can watch our video tutorial too. I have Cortana on my Lumia ( living in India ) since the time I got Windows Phone 8.1 on it and never faced any issue.

Part Two of this “Guide to Nirvana” series covers “Tips & Tutorials” which will help you in getting most out of your Lumia Cyan ( Windows Phone 8.1 ) update experience. Must read!!

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    i have an issue with lumia 520. i recently updated it. but whatsapp is not working it just displsy the message of incorrect date and time even after setting the correct date and time its not running on my phone. plzzz help me tell m what to do/
    solutions i tried:
    reset my phone
    reinstall whatsapp atleast 4 times

    give me another solution.

  • Milka

    hello everyone, i have lumia 625 and i updated to 8.1 and after half day of using with new update i had i a lot of problems but its ok, now during the using phone, my phone just shut down and i cant open at all, even alone dont want to restart. have solution? sombody had this problem? Thanks

  • Aditi Sarkar

    Just bought nokia lumia 530…want to switch off whatsapp after use and also mobile data…what to do?

  • After upgradin my lumia 520 i cant change dp or pm anymore,it wil back once i try it

  • Venkat

    I bought a new Nokia Lumia 625. It was working fine with Video’s. Suddenly there is a problem. I cannot play video. When I open Video it again goes back to the home screen. How to fix this ?

    • Kamal

      may be you can try removing and adding live tile to homescreen or doing a soft reset. if it doesn’t work do a hard reset by backing up the data first.

  • benson

    I have issues with my Nokia Lumia 720 ,the buttons keeps pressing by itself most times without torching it, its so frustrating, and also the upper torch screen of my phone is not working at all, I can’t do anything that falls on that part of my screen. Please enlighten me on the cause of the problem and the solution. Hardware or software problem. Would appreciate a reply asap. Thank you!

    • Aravind

      Hi benson, i do have the same problem and i can understand the frutation it causes…i went to the nearest nokia store and got the touch replaced with the new one. Its wroking fine now.

  • i’am using a nokia lumia 625. . i have updated the windows version 8.0 t0 8,1. ,the problem is after a few days its start making problem… first video cannot playback.. then today when i’am using the whatsupp application, suddenly it goes blank. and when i search at the front display at my phone the whatsupp icon became blur but the other icon looks normal. when i search at the list icon in windows application buton , it only shows with the highlight on share and uninstall button only.. what is the problem. if i uninstall the program, it would deleted all my contact and the recent and history information…help me with this prolem…

    • Priyanka

      uninstall n then reinstall it. it will get fixed.

    • Rajee

      even i have the same problem….
      Mr.Ajoy….. will it work now for u…

  • Lina

    I have updated my lumia 720 to 8.1..its good and working fine..i just want to know now can i share audios through whatsapp or if somebody share any audios to me how can i save it…

  • I have lumia 1020 updated to 8.1 with cyan firmware installed but as yet no Cortana on my phone. It’s not in my Apps list so can’t instal it. Why?

    • Kamal

      Read the article again and you will find the way to get Cortana.

    • amit

      becoz of it is not available in india. some beta version launch in some new lumia phone.

  • How to turn off previews for whatsapp and bbm?

    • Kamal


    • amit

      just use you screen lock settings for this.if it is background preview then change your background pic.otherwise change background application setting.

  • Tara Sowjanya

    Upadated windows 8.1 and cyan in my Lumia 625. After the upadate, I can’t get WhatsApp notifications and even can’t add my email Account.. Help me to recover these..

    • Kamal

      Go to notifications and actions and see whether it is enabled for Whatsapp and also check whether it is allowed to run in background from Battery saver.

  • Vikram


    Please let me know if the nokia lumia 1020 would be a good buy for INR 19990. Also want to know about the updates for this phone (if it supports the latest windows updates) and if whatsapp works fine with it.

  • Nitesh Singh Chouhan

    Recently purchased Lumia 530.But im concerned if i rushed into making the purchase,it runs the latest windows 8.1 but as you know microsoft just released tech preview for windows 10. Do you think Lumia 530 will get the next update?

    • Kamal

      It will be supported 🙂

  • Mathews

    I m.planning to buy 1320 lumia… pls help me out in clearing my doubt about whatsapp problems!!! Is there any problem in whatsapp if m using 8.1 windows version???? Pls reply me fast… asap!!!

    • Kamal

      At least, i didn’t face any.

  • Diego Pul


  • MsG

    This just installed itself….and instantly destroyed my brand new Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s a wasted mobile now. Dead. Utterly worthless. Grey screen. Won’t turn off, Can’t turn it off. Can’t even force it. Can’t reset it. Nothing.. It’s deader than Ned Kelly.

    Thank you, Microsoft, for destroying yet another day and yet another piece of technology in my life.

  • eshita

    My whatsapp is not working after downloading 8.1 update …plz help me out…how to get whatsapp back?

    • Kamal

      Uninstall and reinstall should help 🙂

      • Rajee

        if v uninstall n reistall …. all our groups will get deleted rite…. hw to get back the normal position

    • amit

      wait for whts app next update for window 8.1

  • krishna kanth

    After updating my Lumia 520 to 8.1
    My videos are stucking
    Can u give the solution for above

    • Kamal

      R u sure it happened after updating to Windows Phone 8.1?

      • Lokesh Raghuraman

        Yes.. My videos are stucking. after the update of windows 8.1 Mine is Nokia LUMIA 520 model.
        It shows “The VIDEO failed to play” and asks for internet connection eventhough the video is in local storage.

        • Kamal

          Try a soft reset and see. If still facing issues take a back up and do a hard reset. May solve ur issue.

        • amit

          reset is not the solution of video player.just wait for video player update. until you can play your video direct from memory card. its video player compatible issue.after player updation its automatically going to be fix.

  • Billie

    I have Lumia 720 and from devloper preview program.recently I downgraded mi phone using Nokia software recovery tool and updated to Lumia shows Lumia cyan in about but there are many features missing that was in 8.1dp program such as alarm snooze time,monthly view Calender,app folder and multi selection in call history and could I get these all on my phone?please help me ….

    • Kamal

      For all these features you need to go back to dev preview and update to GDR1 or else wait for official Lumia Denim update.

      • Billie

        These feature not available in cyan?cool.i thought there was problm on my phone.Are you sure this is not my phones error? but is it sure that all features comes in denim update? When the denim is rolling out?still many of the devices did not got cyan then when they roll out denim??

        • Kamal
          • Billie

            But I heard the denim update is first rolling out for the new arrival phones like 830 , 730 ,735 and others 1520 ,1320 etc. Is the older phones also getting the update on time?or we need to wait for couple of months?

          • hello, please how can i manually update my lumia 625

            • Kamal

              Manually?? Didn’t get you.

  • Abi

    Is there a way to install 8.1 (cyan) on Lumia 810 T-mobile(carrier unlocked)?? Nokia status says “Not Available” .

    • Kamal

      I think you can get 8.1 but not the Lumia Cyan firmware.

  • oke12

    Why can I not get get Cortana on Nokia Lumia 925 in the UK …locaion is set, language is set, and region is set

    • Kamal

      Are you running GDR1 yet?

  • Sadab Khan


    • Kamal

      Read the last point in the article.

  • sourabh

    when will u release cortana for lumia 625 in india. i successfully updated 8.1 bt i didn’t got cortana

    • Oh, he is not gonna release Cortana anytime. Because he is NOT Microsoft.

  • Amjad


    Been on the 8.1 since Day it arrived on DP…now stuck on 3051.40000.1345.1001.
    Checked on Nokia Update log and found that the last Frimware is 3051.50009.1424.0002 and have tried to look for update several time a day.

    the New App ‘Cyan update’ also suggest that Cyan update is available for your device 925.

    But there is not update anywhere near to Indian coast even….:(

  • arif

    I have updated my 925 but i didnt get creative studio and birghtness controls same as dev preview only diff is it is showing lumia cyan in extras info

  • Rasul

    I am using 625 with 8.1 developer preview in india. But still i didnt get cyan update .. any help?

  • Lorenzo199

    I have some enquiry about features of 8.1 Leaks that that hadn’t been introduced to cyan update like Dual Sim, virtual smartcards or Fingerprint scanner and I was wondering if they are still being tested and implemented and I really want them

    • Kamal

      None of them will appear without supporting hardware. FYI, Lumia 630 is your dual-sim device.

      • Lorenzo199

        So bascially its be only supported with newest devices with new hardware like window phone 3Dtouch 🙁 but will they still come to Cyan 8.1? Im new user to window after being 6years Apple user and ios 7 became boring and and apple is plain simple and expensive greedy bastard

        Another question which is good 4.3 devices 920 or 720 as i have small hands and dont like big devices, i look for (battery life over 1700Mah, more rams and front facing camera )

        Im from australia there arent many lumia devices available

        • Kamal

          depends upon ur budget. But, whyn’t try Lumia 925, it’s 4.5 inch screen and very slim.

          • Lorenzo199

            I dont care how much its cost, i just like good decent size phone with good slim design and features im after beside 4.5 is too big for me plus i dont like big phone feel weird and big for my pocket

            So which should i buy to replace my 520

            • Kamal

              Try Lumia 630 / 635 / 720

            • Xnom

              Try 720 good low light camera, very slim, stylish but only cons is RAM (512mb) I was been using it for 1.5 years…

  • Gopu

    oh no….. showing country variant update available in microsoft nokia update check website ….. but my lumia 925 showing no updates available… what to do ??? my lumia already updated to wp8.1 developer preview..

    • Gopu

      pls help me….. no one to help?????

      • Kamal

        Only a bit of patience can help you 😛 .

        • Gopu

          thx for ur reply….. k…will wait…

          • Xnom

            @Gopu… Dont panic you will get cyan update but bit later…
            Now 1520 AT&T, 1020 AT&T, 920 AT&T with der developer will start getting cyan update…

      • u will need to first downgrade using nokia software recovery tool. Microsoft published info about having issues with updating devices to lumia cyan that are on win 8.1 dev preview

        • Amir

          shouldn’t first check if Lumia Cyan is available or not?